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Veterans Searching for Employment

Job Browsing Tools
  • My Next Move for Veterans – Designed to help veterans transition to civilian careers.  Browse jobs by entering military occupation code or title.
  • Veterans Reemployment Portal on Career One Stop – Assists Veterans with employment, training, career planning, financial and emotional help after military service.  Provides a military-to-civilian job search based on military job title or military occupation code.
  • Employment Resources for Veterans – Government agencies and other organizations often provide hiring preferences, employment assistance, training or additional benefits for veterans.
  • iHeart Radio ‘Show Your Stripes’ Campaign– The iHeart Radio ‘Show Your  Stripes Campaign’ helps Veterans find their ideal civilian employment opportunities.
Veteran Services
  • Greene County Veterans’ Services – The Veterans Service Office provides VA claims assistance to veterans and their dependents as well as emergency financial assistance to eligible veterans and their dependents.
Elected Officials
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