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Elementary and Middle School Students

Though students in elementary and middle school have a lot of time to figure out what they want to be when they grow up, they can still explore careers that may interest them. There are many resources available for young students that will help them understand what careers are in the real world and what it takes to enter a career field that matches their interests. Also, please explore traditional and non-traditional options for schooling in Greene County, as well as how to save for education opportunities. is a safe place for kids to learn and play. Students can learn about how he or she can become a veterinarian, plant specialist (botanist), nurse, database administrator, teacher, web developer and park ranger. Other activities on the site include learning how to manage and save money, learning about art and health, and playing games that are safe and educational. Find out more by visiting

Career Coach

Sinclair Community College in Dayton has an online tool that can help answer your questions about different careers and pathways to a particular career. Learn more about Sinclair Community College’s Career Coach can offer you as you explore what you may want to be when you grow up.

Greene County Career Center

The Greene County Career Center allows students to achieve in real life and real work. Learn more about what the Greene County Career Center can offer you as a student.

Traditional K-12 Schools in Greene County

Beavercreek City School District
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Cedar Cliff Local School District – Cedarville, Ohio
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Fairborn City School District
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Greeneview Local School District – Jamestown, Ohio
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Sugarcreek Local School District
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Xenia Community City School District
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Yellow Springs Exempted Village School District
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Greene County Career Center – Xenia, Ohio

Private Schools
Legacy Christian Academy (Formerly Xenia Christian)

STEM Schools (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

“STEM” is not a trend or fad. More and more high-tech companies that pay high wages are asking for their employees to have skills in STEM. Learn more about the Dayton Regional STEM School or the Global Impact STEM Academy by visiting their sites.

K-12 Online

There are options for kids in Ohio to attend K-12 online. To learn more about these opportunities, please visit the Ohio Virtual Academy to learn more.

Saving for College

Feed the Pig – Saving for college and life – Saving for Kindergarten through 5th grade – Saving for 6th grade through 8th grade