The Dayton region has a long history of being one of the nation’s leaders in technology, innovation and diverse industries.

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Being home to one of the largest, most diverse, and organizationally complex Air Force (USAF) installations in the world, Wright-Patterson AFB (WPAFB), Greene County provides an environment for defense-related businesses to thrive. Headquartered on WAFB are the USAF’s Material Command, Life Cycle Management Center, Research Laboratory, Institute of Technology, National Air and Space Center, among a number of others.

With the Defense industry accounting for over 40% of the Greene County’s GRP, there is a commitment at all levels, to define the region as the national center of excellence in aerospace research, medicine, intelligence, education, acquisition, and tech commercialization.

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As one of the largest and most developed materials and manufacturing centers in the country, the Dayton region is a globally competitive hub for manufacturing, with continued growth on the horizon. The region boasts the connections, infrastructure, and resources to support research, development, production, and logistics, along with access to leading research institutions and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The region’s federal manufacturing designation additionally allows the area’s aerospace manufacturers to be more competitive in securing funding and finding markets.

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Ever since the original leaders in aviation R&D—Orville and Wilbur Wright—set up shop in Dayton, the region has been a globally recognized powerhouse for innovation in the aerospace and aviation industries. Businesses have unrivaled access to research partners, including the Air Force Research Laboratory and specialized university research centers; an established infrastructure targeted to the industry’s needs; a thriving customer base; and an unmatched supply of highly trained professionals. Moreover, the region is poised to benefit from the explosive growth in unmanned aerial systems.

All of this, combined with the area’s expanding advanced manufacturing and IT clusters, makes the Dayton region one of the nation’s top locations to develop, commercialize, manufacture and market aerospace and aviation technologies, services, and products.

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Greene County and the Dayton region is an epicenter in the biosciences industry. From healthcare to human sciences to aeromedical research, our biosciences cluster is globally competitive for reaching customers and partnering with suppliers.

Greene County and Wright Patterson Airforce Base are home to the 711TH Human Performance Wing and the USAF’s School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM). USAFSAM is one part of a regional bioscience ecosystem made up of 35 regional hospitals, elite medical schools, training facilities, and human-science focused businesses. When tied with the outstanding manufacturing and IT clusters of our region, the opportunity to partner on innovations across industries is unparalleled.

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Strategic Location and the 2nd Best Infrastructure in the U.S. Make Logistics a $16 Billion business in Ohio.

Ohio has an extensive infrastructure and strategic location. From roads and rails to air and water, the state’s transportation systems are strong and well-connected. Importing and exporting goods is cheaper and easier thanks to no tax on products sold outside of Ohio and an overall lower cost of doing business on a global scale.

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The Dayton region has a long history of being one of the nation’s leaders in technology, innovation and diverse industries.

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