Greene County is a growing hub of research and innovation that is well positioned for investment, growth, and development.



With its strategic location, strong workforce base, lower cost of business and living, wide range of flexible commercial real estate options, and solid infrastructure, Greene County offers a number of business advantages for both investors to locate in the County and for existing businesses to continue to thrive.


Greene County offers a variety of financial resources for businesses relocation, retention, & expansion.


With 27,406 employees, WPAFB stands as the largest employer in Greene County and a major driver of the local economy. In 2015, over $605M in contract spending occurred in Greene County alone.


Strategically located between Cincinnati & Columbus, only minutes from I-70 & 75, Greene County is ideal for building optimal distribution networks, lower-than-average operating costs, available industrial real estate, and an affordable workforce.


Ohio has a large number of diverse industries which are constantly evolving and expanding to respond to rapid changes in technology and information. While we highlight 5 major industries, you should not overlook other prominent local industries like: education, unmanned aerial vehicles, information technology, agriculture, retail, finance, customer service, automotive, & more.

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The defense industry is the backbone of Greene County’s economy. Employees of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base alone account for 33% of the workforce in the county, not including the numerous amount of small businesses contracted by the base.

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As one of the largest and most developed materials and manufacturing centers in the country, the Dayton region is a globally competitive hub for manufacturing, with continued growth on the horizon.

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Aerospace & Aviation

Businesses have unrivaled access to research partners, including the Air Force Research Laboratory and specialized university research centers; an established infrastructure targeted to the industry’s needs; a thriving customer base; and an unmatched supply of highly trained professionals.

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Greene County and the Dayton region is an epicenter in the biosciences industry. From healthcare to human sciences to aeromedical research, our biosciences cluster is globally competitive for reaching customers and partnering with suppliers.

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Strategic Location and the 2nd Best Infrastructure in the U.S. Make Logistics a $16 Billion business in Ohio.


With nationally recognized colleges and universities, the Dayton region offers a deep pool of 900,000 skilled and educated professionals at competitive wages so you are sure to find the right employees for your business.


Compared to other communities, Greene County’s residents are extremely well-educated. Over 47% of have a college degree, and nearly 19% earning advanced degrees.


The educational and training resources of the Dayton region produce one of the most qualified and highly skilled workforces in the country. Annually, nearly 2,000 students graduate with degrees in aerospace or STEM alone.


Nearly 50% of Greene County households earn more than the national average, with over 25% earning more than $100,000 workforce.

Greene County Development


The Dayton region has a long history of being one of the nation’s leaders in technology, innovation and diverse industries.

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